Cadetship Training Program

NYK cadet training ship program offers a combined program of academic studies and practical experiences, It is designed to complement cadet's studies in his/her chosen career to prepare for future responsibilities of company, and shipping world.

Cadets in principle undergo a 12-months' on-board training program (depends upon the nationality). The first three months of which will be spent on a training ship staffed with specialized instructors (in-house Master/Chief Engineer) to ensure that all cadets receive the basic training of same standard. Upon completion of 3 months on-board training ships, they are transferred to other NYKSM managed vessels, enabling them to complete their remaining seatime required to appear for the competency exam.

Cadet Training

To address the shortage of seafarers globally, and cater the demand to produce quality seafarers, NYK SHIPMANAGEMENT has been recruiting cadets to mold them into competent future officers.

NYK SHIPMANAGEMENT hires and trains cadets, who will serve as the officers of the future in its fleet. A close tie with merchant marine academies throughout the world is maintained, and NYK Special Classes are conducted in those academies while cadets are on campus.

At present NYK SHIPMANAGEMET is recruiting cadets from best of the colleges from different countries of the world like The Philippines, India, Croatia, Romania, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand.

In the Philippines, NYK Line established NYK-TDG Maritime Academy (NTMA) in July 2007 where up to 120 cadets can be educated / trained every year.

Cadets are assigned to NYK ships. During on-board cadet training ship tenure, cadets will master the skills and attain knowledge required for certification as a navigator or engineer. After obtaining Certificate of Competence, they may be hired as navigators or engineers by NYK.

NYK conducts following training for the cadets:

* On board theoretical and practical training to obtain CoC required by STCW

* Inculcates loyalty and gives the motivation

* Trains NYK safety & environmental Policy

* Trains NYK special criteria and requirements

* Trains NYK special requirement for safety, cargo operation, and / or Engine

Entry Bonus to Cadets

All Deck & Engine cadets who are joining vessel for the first time are financially supported by NYK SHIPMANAGEMENT to purchase laptop before they board vessel. A special on-board training software called "CADET-STARS" is provided by NYK SHIPMANAGEMENT, which is installed in their laptops for the purpose of their on-board proficient training and follow-up from the shore.

NYKSM Cadet Training
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